I was born before Silvester 1992 in Trenčín. When I was 2 years old, my parents divorced. My grandparents liked me so they wanted to have me at home. They did not need a „piece of paper“ for this, but when I was a teenager, I arranged it for them. At first we lived in a flat, but when my grandpa´s mother needed help in the house, we moved in with her. And so, as a 3-years old I came to the Hungarian village of Gbelce, where I attended kindergarten.
   I remember the ducks that my grandfather used to feed and he gave me the feed to help him. The ducks often did not want to eat by themselves, so we had to force them to eat. I also remember the rattle of poppies when I played with them. We had a very poor house and sometimes even rats visited us.
   When I was older, we moved to the flat again. We also had a garden in the same town, where I used to watering flowers, tomatoes, peppers, and I used to picking strawberries. When my grandma could no longer bend to the ground, I helped her pump water from the well. We also bred hens. I chased them around the yard and drove them back to the chicken coop. I took their eggs and fed them with grass and worms, which I caught in the clay. My grandmother didn´t have the stomach for it, but I wasn´t afraid of anything. I was curious about everything, I researched it and enjoyed what it was like. I also wanted to try mowing, as I adored the smell of grass. My grandpa told me to try it and that´s how I learned to mow. We used to go plucking nettle. I watched my grandpa in amazement, because he plucked the nettle with his bare hands without pain. My drandpa also used to go fishing. He was explaining to me that the fish were to be caught on feed and worms and that they were our lunch. Although we lived in the town, I felt that my soul belonged to the nature, and this is typical for me to this day.
   Later during school I started having health problems. I was often sick, so I missed a lot of classes. At school, my practice teacher told me that she would not let me take the exams, or if I got there, she would not let me become a beautician. That made me sad and I transferred to another school. I felt that I did not belong there.
   At the new school, I had good teachers who took care of us, so the school suited me. We had customers on whom we learned to shape eyebrows and take care of their skin under the supervision of teachers. At the previous school, there was no such possibility. They were afraid to entrust us with customers. At this second school, I had to learn other theories of practice and other procedures. Although it was more difficult, since I transferred a year before graduation, but it ended happily. Both the master and I were satisfied.
   During school, I used to work part-time at various places – I was unloading goods at Kaufland, I worked in the Tesco warehouse and worked as a waitress for a while. It was hard work, but I was used to it, because I also worked with my grandmother in the house and in the garden, raking and hoeing.
   I dreamed of being a successful beautician, but at the same time I was thinking about sports medicine college. However, I wanted to wait a year to make a final decision and earn something for school. Well, the evil one (devil) arranged it differently.
   I was hit by a car and in one moment a cheerful, mobile and hard-working girl became an invalid. Nevertheless, I never gave up on my dream in those 9 years – to walk and be able to see the world with legs that will carry me again. I have always been a fighter because I felt that I did not have parents and a complete family and I wanted to fight against my destiny.
   After the accident and my grandmother´s death, it became clear that my mother could not take care of me, because she had children with a man whom she couldn´t leave due to them. I lived with my grandpa and our social situation was not ideal - we cooked only food we could allow. In addition, my grandpa did not know how to cook, so my diet was not satisfactory. It was only when my grandpa died that my mother started helping me, she was cleaning, doing small shopping, and she was carrying things for me in her hands about 1.5 km on foot. Her sister was strange, but unfortunately she inherited the flat and she made me feel bad. My mother said that she envied me because our grandparents took care of me and that I deprived her children of a childhood with them. Apparently they were not as interested in her as they were in me.
   I still miss them and when I am feeling down, I think about their love and what they taught me. This gives me the strength to keep moving forward in life. They would like me to be happy and that is why I try to do the same – so that, if they see me, they look at me with joy. I am a believer and I believe that they are still here with us. That is why I decided to fight for my dream – to walk on my own feet.