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About me

My name is Nikola Khúlová, I am 30 years old, I am seriously ill, I receive a disability pension. I dream about a nicer and better life. I endeavour to be a better person and Christian.

Nikola Khúlová

Some basic information about me:

  • Age: 30
  • Town: Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia

 Few weeks before my maturity exam a car hit me on the road. The perpetrator was unknown and my health problems began – bone inflammation and leg bruising. Later I was dependent on crutches to heal my leg after being hit by the car. Examinations revealed Sudeck´s syndrome, a desease causing atrophy of the muscles of the limb.
 After years of alternating bad and better conditions I got Covid 19, for which I was hospitalized. As a result of Covid, my hidden health problems have worsened. My nervous system has weakened, my balance is worse. My health continues to deteriorate. I am in bed and can only walk a few steps with help. Crutches are not suitable for me, I am not even able to go to the toilet or the bathroom.
 Currently, I am not able to write with my hands on the keyboard for a longer time. I need to undergo McKenzie-type rehabilitation (McKenzie method). But the insurance company does not pay for them. I need to take a diet to build muscles and bones, as I have been diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis. I take medicines for it – Risendros Bisphonates.
 Due to my financial situation, I have a problem with bying even ordinary food. A highly nutritious diet is unavailable to me. At the moment I am forced to live in a sublet for an uncertain period of time. My pension is barely enough to pay for it. It is only 185 euros. My health does not allow me to get a job and there is no one to help me.
 I do not just want to watch my deteriorating health conditions, I want to fight and I want to walk as a healthy person. I therefore ask for your support.

My request for help on the Ľudia Ľuďom (People to People) website ( » « ) is no longer active.

Chronology of my health problems:


  • a healthy child without any health problems


  • back pain due to work, frequent illnesses, ASLO values, indicating infection, above 1000 (a healthy person has this value below 200), long-term treatment with antibiotics and penicillin


  • change of doctor and treatment, improving nutrition and supporting immunity, gradual improvement of the condition, the ASLO value was finally normal



  • car accident, general weakness and difficulty walking after the accident, examinations revealed Sudeck´s syndrome


  • association of foot osteoporosis and leg atrophy, alternation of better and worse health coditions, borreliosis occurs – worsening of other diagnosis, problems with muscle control, immobility, deterioration of osteoporosis to grade 4.


  • constant alternation of better and worse health conditions, Covid-19 desease in the second period of Covid – deterioration of the nervous system and persistent breathing problems

Request for help

I am seriously ill, on disability pension. My pension is barely enough to pay the sub-rent. With my low income, I have a problem to get a regular diet, also the special healthy diet that I need. I do not even get the money I need for hygiene items.
Thank you in advance for any help for me.

Ľudia Ľuďom (People to People)

I have a challenge on the People to People webpage, where I am asking for the provision of rehabilitation and appropriate diet for bones and muscles.
Some of the information on that webpage is no longer active.

My bank account

My personal account you can send me your financial help on is:
SK07 5600 0000 0058 7430 9001
Currency: EUR

Personal help

If you can send me some homemade food or hygiene items, please write to me. Thank you.


A few photos from my life.

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