As a child I did not experience any health problems and I felt healthy like other children. During practice in high school I started to feel pain in my back and in lower back. The doctor told me that the condition of my spine is very bad and that could be caused by problems from childhood or prenatal age, when, according to my mother´s story, my father was aggressive towards her. I often became ill and could not go to school regularly.
   Doctors consequentli found increased ASLO values, which pointed to an ongoing infection. The ASLO values were about 1000. The average for healthy adults is below 200 and for healthy children below 400. The doctor in Prievidza started giving me antibiotics and penicillin. Since ASLO did not decrease, I took penicillin for a long time. Then I started attending another high school in Trenčín, where I started visiting another doctor. This doctor advised me to significantly improve my diet and take substances to support immunity. He forbade me to take penicillin and antibiotics in such quantities as before. He told me that my condition could be caused by poor diet and childhood problems. Gradually, my condition improved, I was more vital, I was not often sick, and the ASLO values were also normal.
   A few weeks before my maturity exam I was hit by a car. The perpetrator was unknown and consequently my health problems appeared. I had trouble walking. My legs started to hurt and I felt weak again. After several months of examination by doctors, I was diagnosed with Sudeck´s syndrome. Treatment results were variable. Complications came in the following months. The next months added more complications. Mild osteoporosis of the foot and also atrophy of the leg were added.
   After a short-term slight improvement, my health deteriorated. I was diagnosed with borreliosis, then the symptoms of Sudeck´s syndrome began to worsen, and the symptoms of osteoporosis and atrophy also worsened. I had a problem with muscle control to work properly. I became immobile which worsened my atrophy and as a result of that and a poor diet my osteoporosis worsened to stage 4. Slight improvements in my condition were always replaced by subsequent deterioration. Osteoporosis has remained a part of my life until now. During the second period od so-called covid pandemic I was infected by that virus. It worsened my healt condition. My nervous system weakened, I had breathing problems that still persist.